When You Care Too Much

So many things have been happening lately. Change. I know change is inevitable. We can’t outrun change in our lives, but I don’t like it that much especially if people change just like that.

I wish I’m capable of not being too emotional. Too just not care too much. It is true about what they say that when you start or you care too much, you get hurt. Couldn’t believe I finally felt it with this person.

Ah well, whatever happens, I think I did everything.

I’ll Wait A Million More For You

This piano tutorial video makes me want to learn how to play this song!

I really wish I have my piano back. I couldn’t practice at my Grandparents’ house for some reason, so my own piano is the only remaining option for me if I want to master this song. Ahh well, I found some on the internet, specifically musician’s friend store, but I have yet to save up enough to buy one. Truth be told, I’m hoping my grandmother would give me her piano in the future. My cousin who plays the piano already has one, so it’s just me. I’m crossing my fingers on this one.

When They Reply, K

That’s funny. I just hate it when I received a reply like that after typing a long text. I mean, who doesn’t get annoyed by that? I’ve known atleast two people who does that kind of reply.

One, my mom, which by the way is understandable. And two, a friend of mine. See, what irritated me a lot by the latter is that he always text me how I’m doing and all that jazz, and when I reply, I often receive the most stupidiest reply of all replies… “K”. It happened not just one or twice, but every single time he texted me. What is up with that?! So annoying.

Have you received that infamous “K” reply? Annoying isn’t?

Over-thinking KILLS

Okay so I know it’s been days since I blogged here. Believe me, I’m currently going through a massive anxiety. I couldn’t concentrate enough let alone post a new content here and on my other blogs. My mind is so occupied with a lot of things and honestly, it would be so much better if I could just get away from this. It’s probably just my mind. Well, we all suffer from that OVER-THINKING every now and then, but to a person that’s too anxious (ehem), it’s so much harder to control.

If only I could, I definitely do anything to get rid of it. Right now, I’m sort of okay. I try to distract my mind off of things that’s making me over-think. I’m trying to CARE LESS and just go with the flow. It’s not easy, but it’ll come. I hope.

Love Is Full Of Mystery

I’m not gonna deny that this video had me in tears. I have mixed feelings about them. In one point, I’m sad for the couple. They have been planning the wedding for a year now and just few months before the big day, he was diagnosed with liver cancer stage 4. On the other hand, I’m happy for them both, too, cause despite the cancer, they still proved their love for each other. That no matter the circumstances in their lives, they still stand together.

Isn’t amazing how love can affect us human beings. Love really is full of mystery.

The Voice Kids Philippines: Sunday Morning by Zach

This is another amazing talent in The Voice Kids Philippines. Mind you, Sunday Morning is a great song for relaxing or driving and this kid gave justice to the original song. Bamboo was right to get this kid in the 1st place. It’s his genre of music and I think Zach will flourish under him.

Best cover so far. =)

The Voice Kids Philippines: Halo by Angel

Wow. This girl has talent. I don’t watch The Voice Kids Philippines mainly because our television just recently got busted. Anyway, I see Charice in her. No offense, but she’ll likely have the same strong vocals as that of Charice. She sang Beyonce’s Halo beautifully. I wonder what happened to her in the show?

What do you guys think? =)

DIY Colorful Candles Video

OMG! This is just brilliant! I have an experience in making and designing candles because of my childhood friends. I can still actually remember how we did it. It’s the same as in the video, but we used gel like substance instead of crayons. Also, we cooked it instead of using microwave.

Gosh! I will definitely do once as soon as I get my funds. The materials are all cheap and the candles can actually be given as a gift!

Also, I LOVE how she edit her video. So cute! I hope she makes more DIY room decors in the future.

Amazing Underwater Photoshoot Video

I just love watching cool photoshoots. It’s probably also one of the reason why I watch other TV shows such as America’s Next Top Model, back when we still have cable. It’s not about the models or being skinny or the gorgeous dresses that they wear. It’s about how they can bring out certain looks and feel.

I’m glad I clicked this link and watched it. It’s really amazing. What made this photoshoot more epic? They did it below the sea at a shipwreck.

There’s this phrase that Von Wong said on the video that stuck to my head and I had to find it on the comments section.

“I have learned, over time, that the people you want to work with to achieve the best results are not the most qualified professionals or the ones with the best credentials or the most experience, but it is the people that have the most passion and that really, really want to be involved”

Copper Bracelets And Its Health Benefits

Wow. I didn’t know that this type of jewelry exist! I mean, come on, a bracelet that can make your pain go away? It’s not everyday you hear something amazing as that. So what am I talking about here? Basically, these magnetic copper bracelets have healing benefits for arthritis. YES! You read that right. These bracelets are popular for pain relief.

According to some research, not only it provides pain relief, but it also reduces inflammations such as Tendinitis (inflammation of a tendon), and Bursitis (inflammation of a bursa).


image from google images

From what I gather, these copper bracelets can increase your circulation of oxygen in the blood, and can also balance the PH. It also advisable if you use these bracelets closer to where the source of the pain is.


Did you know that to this day, Indian people are wearing copper? This is probably why I saw a foodie TV show where the main focus of that episode is Indian food. I noticed that they use copper urns for their water storage, and not plastic or glass.

Farewell, Cristina~

So I read about Cristina Yang leaving Grey’s Anatomy. =( It saddens me, really. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of her, but I like her sarcasm and passion for her job. And admit it, she’s not like Meredith, who’s dark and twisted. She can be funny and brutal at the same time.

Anyway, I still haven’t watched the said farewell episode, but I seriously hope they put a good ending to her character. Yang is Yang, and her leaving should be justified in so many levels.

DIY: Fairy Glow Jars Video

This is cool! I was looking for DIY deco videos on Youtube and this one came up. I want to do this. It looks really easy, with just a jar, a glow in the dark paint and you’re good to go!

Go check out the video below on how to do it.

The one up there is the original Fairy Glow Jar video. If you want to see the glow in the dark video live, watch the video below.

I’m Getting There

Tomorrow’s my birthday. Yeah, I’m 29. I’m getting old. Wow. I really missed a lot in my life. When I should already be stable in life, I’m obviously not. Ah well, this is my life. If there’s only a chance to change my past I would. But then if I think about it, all these I have learned the past years, I wouldn’t have if I didn’t experience them. So in a way, I am thankful. But of course, regrets will always be there.

Welcome The Supreme Leader of Wadiya!

You probably know him as THE DICTATOR! Oh yeah~ I really like this movie a lot. It doesn’t get old. For most of the people, they find it offensive. I don’t know, but Sasha Baron Cohen actually made fun of everyone in the movie including my own nationality. In fact, it wasn’t offensive at all, it was purely hilarious.

Anyway, because I watched this funny SNL skit where General Aladeen guested, I thought of searching for more funny videos of him and here’s another one.

SNL: Disney Housewives

Saturday Night Live is just too funny not to watch. They make hilarious skits that unfortunately, the only way I can be able to watch them is on Youtube. So thanks to the International Saturday Night Live youtube channel, I can finally laugh my way before I got to bed. Here’s one of my favorites aside from Jim Carrey’s funny Black Swan Skit.

“And I a huge fucking mess – Cinderella” HAHAHA! This made me laugh so hard. One thing, THIS SHOULD BE A REAL SHOW! I’d definitely watch this. HAHAHA!

Jim Carrey in Black Swan SNL Skit

I remember watching this a couple of years back. It was so hilarious I made a loud laugh in the middle of the night I thought I woke up my nearest neighbor. Not only that, I actually pulled out my mom and siblings to watch the skit around 12:30 in the morning. Good thing we’re all night owls, and at that time, they’re all awake within their rooms.

Go check this out. It’s old, but still funny. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching this Black Swan Skit. =D

Do It Yourself: iPad or Any Tablet Stand

OMG. This is really a funny but crafty way to build your own stand without spending too much. If you have spare chopsticks at home, you might want to put it into good use by creating a tablet stand. Yep! This is a Do It Yourself tablet stand.

This is all designed by Stephan Vigues who decided to transform his wooden chopsticks into fully functional iPad stand. It fits both landscape and portrait views and is hassle free to bring along anywhere. Brilliant isn’t? I’d definitely do this one day. I only have 4 wooden chopsticks here from eating at a Japanese restaurant a month ago. =D

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