Do It Yourself: Cute Home Keys

This DIY is so simple, you won’t be able to realize it. All of our door keys are quite the same and we always, always have trouble using which keys to a certain door. This simpe diy is just the right to do especially if you have tons of keys.

See how simple this is? This one I can deinitely do even tonight! :-)

Cute Wedding Toppers

OMG!! THIS THING IS JUST TOO CUTE! Look how adorable this cake.

Reminds me so much of me and my boyfriend. Pandas are something to us. And this cute cake decor is just too cute not to share here. I’ll definitely share this to him as soon as he’s awake. :-)

Aren’t those pandas couple cute? There are other designs that I found.

This one I like the second,

And others cute ones are below.

DIY: Sewing Pretty Chic Tablet

Now here’s another pretty tablet cover I found over the internet.

This one’s really chic and recommended for the ladies of course. I would love to use that kind of pretty cover for my tab, but here in my country, it’s an eyecandy for snatchers. Too bad. :(

Anyway, you can check out here at on how it was done and for materials you’ll be needing. Best of all, the PDF file is FREE! =D

DIY: Pretty Tablet Cover

I wish I’m born to be crafty. I would love to do handmade things for me and my love ones. Don’t you think it’s much cheaper and personalized that way? Like this one DIY tablet cover made by Mommybydaycrafterbynight. It’s soooo pretty! Wish I have the materials and the creativity to do one. My tablet cover is soooo simple and boring to look at. Ugh.

You can find how she did it and the materials over here:

My Panda Bear <3

I’m really not the type of gift giving person. I mean, I do love the thought of giving, I’m just not that the kind of girlfriend who gives monthsary gifts. If I find something cute and funny that reminds me of him or us, then that’s the time I give something.

Anyway, this is actually not my birthday gift for him. It just so happens that the package arrived the day after his birthday. ;)

When I saw this the first time, I had this terrible urge to buy it right then and there. What made it more special to me is the cute little panda over there. See, I call him Panda at times, that’s why.

If only I have an iPhone 5 I’d definitely buy one for myself too.

Movie Buff: Diary Ng Panget (Trailer)

My brother brought copies of this movie last month. He recommended it to me, saying it’s a feel good, funny book. Unfortunately, I’m really not in the mood yet to read books. I just added it to my “TO-READ” list and hopefully, I’ll be able to read them including those series I need to finish.

Anyway, they made a movie out of the books. Nice. I didn’t know Filipino books would come this far. If Hollywood loves to make a movie out of the best amazing books out there, why not ours too, eh?

Cheap Furniture At Pajo Caloocan

So I finally know where to buy uber cheap study/working table! Wooot! Thank god I saw Kenny’s post about his pretty and simple working table he bought at Paco, Caloocan. I was actually expecting his table to be around 3k, boy I was wrong! It’s just PHP1k! The downside here, though, is that I live in Quezon City and Caloocan is really far from our place. Bringing a table from Caloocan, we need to get a taxi all the way down to our house, thus, burning a lot of cash on the way. Nevertheless, I’d still buy there since it’s the cheapest table I’ve ever seen so far. I’d probably buy a side table too if my budget allows it. =D

Couples Watches, Yes?

I really want a new watch. It’s been almost a year since I last wore a wristwatch. I’m thinking of getting an affordable one at Tomato or Swatch soon.

And speaking of watches, I know this might be too early in a relationship to think of, but I am seriously considering getting my boyfriend a watch too. I’m just thinking when.. on his birthday or when we hit our 1st year mark. Funny thing here is, I am not the gift giving type of girlfriend. But because I just felt like it, why not. I really like these raymond weil watches I found over the internet. I know!! They’re so expensive, but they are really gorgeous! Wish I have the money to spend on those babies. =( Oh well, they might not be the ones I’m getting, but I still have 6 months to go and save up.

Lights Off or Lights On?

So ya’ll people out there who prefers to sleep with their lights off.. This one’s for you.

Good thing I always leave my lights on. My dad used to fight it over with me. I told him I sometimes have a hard time sleeping with my lights off and it has something to do with, well, yeah, nightmares. I’ll share my experience about this one of these days. It’s really scary and can’t imagine going through another one of my bad dreams.

Foam Mattresses: Ease Your Back Pain, Sleep Well

I seriously have a posture problem. I’m trying so hard not to slouch whenever I sit. I always find myself arranging my position every a couple of minutes. I find myself slouching to the extent that my back hurts already. I even feel the pain in bed sometimes when I’m just lying there, reading a book or playing a game on my tab. I guess this also has something to do with the bed itself. I really need to buy a new bed mattress. One that’s not gonna make my back suffer any pain. My aunt told me about this foam mattress which is good for posture and support as well. I found them over at Foam By Mail online, they have lots of products to choose from. One of which is the memory foam mattress that I’m very much interested in. I also found found foam sheets, pet beds, foam accessories, body pillows and a lot more. It’s a nice place to buy your mattresses if you are looking for a support mattress online.

Roadtrip With An Old Bus!


Instead of purchasing an expensive RV, why not this one, eh? =D

Just thinking about owning one makes me giddy! I love roadtrip! Anything that has to do with going out of town, leaving all the worries at home, weird as it sounds to others, but it’s comforting. Maybe because when I was a kid, my family would go out town four times every year. It’s a tradition that we always do as a family. I guess I just kinda miss it badly.

Online Music Instrument Store For The Big or Tight Budget People

I may not know anything about power tubes or amps in the world of guitar music, but I know where to find the best online store to purchase high quality made Svetlana Tubes from musicians friend accessories in a very affordable price.

This online store boasts quite a selection of music instruments that you might find really good. Aside from instruments, you can also check out their accessories, apparels and even used gears if you’re in a tight budget.

Luckily, they ship to ANYWHERE in the world! Now, for an online music store, that a big bonus!

Bring Out The Bass In You

I remember those good old days whenever a nice car passes by our street and their music is so loud, I know instantly whose car it is? HAHA! Ah, that was the days. I have no idea how they managed to have their music turn on full blast even if their windows were closed and can still the music out loud. Well, it was only during College, when a friend who happens to be a car enthusiast, that I found out about it. It’s called a subwoofer. It’s still a speaker but different in design and provide a deep bass sound. It is the same with music instruments such as your guitar. If you want your bass to fully operate, then getting a behringer subwoofers at guitar center should be on top of your list. Better performance, happy audience.

Do It Yoursef: iPAD/Tablet Flip Cover

OMG!!! Look at this gorgeous tablet flip cover! I so want one.. like right now! Ever since I got my tablet, I have never bought a flip cover yet. It’s either I’m too lazy to buy one or I just don’t have the funds right now. But hey! The good thing here is that, since I’m always at home most of the time, my tablet is very much safe from serious scratches. ;]

But oh my god, this DO IT YOURSELF FLIP COVER is to die for! So adorable! Wish I’m that crafty so I can pretty much make everything from scratch without spending to much money. Imagine, a ASUS flip cover for my tablet costs around PHP1500+. =/

You can check out the instructions here and for the needed materials too. VISIT:

Feel Good Day To Make Love

Heads up! Happy Heart’s Day everyone! I don’t believe in celebrating Valentine’s day, not because I’m bitter, but because I believe that if you love someone, you make your partner feel your love for him/her EVERY SINGLE DAY and not just every Valentine’s day. Agree? YES.

CHEERS to everyone though. It’s funny how my online friend kept saying, “It’s a good day to have sex.”

Flappy Bird Gone Viral

So everyone’s playing, might as well join the bandwagon.

That’s my highest score so far. I don’t think I’ll ever beat my own score. I just couldn’t no matter how many times and hours I’ve tried. Every time I’m getting there, like, 2 points away, I always get nervous, thus I’d lost focus. There are others out there with high scores which I am so amazed if it’s really true or photoshopped. I think I even saw a 300+ score somewhere on Facebook. LOL.

Introducing My New Toy ♥

So this is my new toy. Remember those days where I posted I wanted a tablet of my own? Well, it’s here and I love every bits of it! ASUS did a very good job in keeping it good affordable tablet. It’s not too expensive, but functions very well even in heavy gaming.

The one I have right now is just 8GB for PHP6999. For a price like that, it sure is a good buy.

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